A Bug


I saw a bug

I saw the bug on my bed

I wanted a hug

But oh my, there was no-one here.  My head said

So I watched the bug that landed in my mug

I wondered if I should save it

Do bugs feel pain? Emotions?

Does it hurt for a bug to drown?

When I came around the bug had died

So I cleaned my mug as I said a lullaby and poured more tea




They tell me what to wear

They tell me how to act

They tell me what to do

They tell me it’s okay to be myself, different is good

But they do not really mean it

They feed me lies tell me how to be

They want me to be like him, her, or even you

They are a drug people inject on a daily to sustain their thirst

They make me question my sanity

They tear kids away from parents

The kids realize it when it’s too late

The parents are sick and close to the light

And the kids gasp and ask why

But that’s just how the system is

Will we ever be able to break the cycle?

I just don’t know



Fear is what destroyed him.

His fear of change left him in the same place he was birthed.

Fear held him tightly and smothered his dreams.

Fear whispered lies to him at night

Till he could sleep no longer

Fear drove him into taking pills

Fear was his disease he had no idea of how addicted he was

Fear tore apart his wife and little daughter

Fear left him with nothing

Fear sang a lullaby to end him

Fear killed him.

He invited Fear into his mind.

And could never find the strength to ask Fear to leave



Their life was stolen.

All that we have to hold on is our memories.

Can we ever overcome the feeling of being broken?

Everyone needs the overall sense of acumen.

Their life was taken.

Everything they were or could of been is just gone.


You hear that?

That is the emptiness sound of their lifelessness.

People who say you will get over it, have it mistaken.

Life treated them so wrong.

Why does everyone act so normal?

Don’t they see what’s going on?

That isn’t okay its abnormal.

I’ll I can say is just run…

Who Knows What to Call This?


What will suffice this feeling?

Will it be a paused moment in time?

Could it be the fact of realizing?

Can it be another rhyme?

Is it my shallowness creeping away?

Or is it my demons fading?

Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and feel okay.

Maybe everything in my life will just for a minute stop escalating.

Whatever the case is give me your hand

If we are together we are not alone

Being with you I just can

Nothing can hurt me, not even a broken bone.

So don’t look back.