Unknown title 1


I have visions of a child screaming.

Screaming into this nothingness void.

Screams so hallow and cold.

It is as if the child absorbs all the pain through which it sees with its little eyes.

You cannot unsee.

You cannot unhear.

Neither can the child.

The child molds from the environment it grows in.

If the air is polluted so is the child’s lungs.

Sometimes love can over power the dark creature lurking around on the inside of us. Waiting for the moment we are most vulnerable. And catching us as we fall. So it can penetrate us. To release all the hate and suffering we try to fight.

And sometimes…

The dark creature wins.



It’s indescribable.

Yet, here I am attempting to describe this feeling.

It is the kind of feeling you feel when you feel empty.

But home sick at the same time.

Like you have this pain because you know there is something wrong.

Yet you cannot feel it.

Everything in your life feels wrong.

And you’reĀ  irritated but you are stuck in a rut.

You want something more.

But you do not know how to obtain it.

Everyone feels distant.

Work is miserable.

All you want to do is lay in bed and wait it out.

Laying in bed still hurts too.

So you are just there hopless.

At a loss.

Waiting for that feeling to go away.