cyclone roller coaster ride
Photo by Tim Gouw on

I feel as if my life is cascading.

It feels like this.

I decide to ride a rollercoaster.

Nervous but excited I wait.

The waiting seems endless.

One step at a time.

I get in the rollercoaster.

In the distance I hear a muffled voice giving vague information about this ride.

It takes off.

At first it makes me feel alive.

The fear over comes me.

Everything is a blurr.

I cannot seem to make out what’s going on.

Then the rollercoaster slows down.

Change is never a good thing I fear.

Slowly I’m getting pulled to the top of this man-made mechanical mountian.

If something misfires it could send me falling trapped in a locked metal box.

I plumit down.

Loops everywhere I look.

I’m up.

I’m down.

I’m inside out.

I have no control of what’s going on.

It’s all happening at once.

And yet, for the life of me…

I can’t hold on.