Saving the World


Saving the world doesn’t vary by who many people you help. Or taking down one big evil person. Saving the world is when you can save an individual against themself. Saving in individual in general for whatever purpose. When you save an individual you save them in their world. Which means you have saved the world. And that can make all the difference. Remember that.



A balcony screams. A man falls down. Maybe it was the alcohol helping him fight his fears. Liquid courage runs in his bloodstream. Or maybe just maybe the liquor in his system showed that he couldn’t avoid his fears. Another love one weeps tonight.



I can’t find the meaning behind these words to describe to my readers what this post even is.

Is it a poem?

Is it a rant?

Who knows!

If I can’t fool the writer that I am into believing what I’m trying to get across.

Then how are my readers suppose to perceive it?

These are lost words.

Words trying to come home but cannot find the exact alignment to build a raft to come home.

They are lost at sea with the meaning behind this.




Death is just a scary reminder that we are one car crash, one doctor vist, one random tragedy away from forever living in this world.

We are not afraid to die.

We are afraid of missing out on everything life has to offer.

I admit I am afraid of losing my love ones.

I don’t want to sit in a dark room thinking about past memories that will surely get twisted and fade over time.

When I am sitting at work thinking of what if talks and adventures we could of had.

Trying to reconstruct a sham dream into an actual memory.

Trying to live for them as I begin to die even more. They say it gets better…

But does it really? Don’t we just desensitize ourselves over time?

In a moment of repeated death happening once more to a loved one we are stuck doing this cycle once more.

Because it is something that hits straight into the core.

Wanting the person you can never have again.

Living in regret fed by guilty emotions.

Hoping for one more day.

Knowing your one more day closer to being in their situation.

Fear is palpable…