I have died once.

My heart is hardened.

This is indeed the choice I have already chosen.

This was my fork in the road.

A heart filled with hate.

A heart attack will surely follow.

In a different realm.

I will die again.

No Virgil to lead me to light.

No Beatrice to beam a light down.

In the darkness of greed I stay with the lion.

The lion has taken hold of me as I allow it to control me.

And another death to follow.

When the earth gets sick of me and suffocates my last breath.

Into a hole I, go to rot.

Just my food for thought after reading Dante’s Inferno.

To be Continued

Everybody’s growing up, and I am looking into the past.

I am still that wounded child dealing with her trauma.

I do not like the future…

The future is murky and I cannot see myself.

But I see myself clearly in the past.

I fume in an oven of resentment.

Resentment I know I should get over.

The past is the past.

Yet I hold on to it for dear life.

It’s steady, consistent, I am omniscient to the past.

The past brings tears of happiness and deep sorrow into my eyes.

The older I get the more I lose certain details of memories.



Things that I replaces with sadness.

What did my cousin use to sound like?

What would she of turned out to be if she was still here?

I wake up every morning the same way.

1. To an alarm.

2. What’s the point of getting out of bed.

3. Whatever stuff I need to do insert here.

4. She is gone.

5. I need to pee.

I question everything, over analyzing my life.

Am I living for a purpose?

Why am I working here?


I am not sure of the purpose of this post.

I am also not sure how to end this.

So to be continued…



It just to 52 days.
52 days for me to fall for you.
52 to care for you.
52 to call you mine.
52 to see in to the future with you.
52 to actually love you.
It took you 52.
52 days for you to leave.
52 days for you to forget me.
52 days for you to vanish like a house on fire, and all that is left is smoldering ashes.
52 days to break the habit to not care about me.
52 days to become my ghost of Christmas past.
52 days to rewire new neurons without me.
It took me 53 days.
53 days to realize you never cared about me.
53 days to grieve over the lost.
Day 1 denial.
Day 10 feel the guilt of what you must of felt for me when you abandoned me.
Day 17 reflect on what I did to you. Feel the loneliness at night cry out. As I replicate the same tune.
Day 36 get out of bed and start living a new life without you.
Day 53 accept it is truly over and you were the feign to my delusional happiness.

Day 54 repeat day 1.