The End of Days


The End of Days
These are the end of days.
The light you see is numbered.
Just like the breath you took reading this.
Hold that air in your lungs.
You will not have it for long.
Time keeps ticking away.
I hear it in my chest.
My heart whispers…
“Your days are numbered sweetie.”
As if I can find comfort in-between those beats.
I have one friend longing to die.
The phantom grief of missing loved ones haunt her like the ghost of Christmas past.
She day dreams of an afterlife filled with love and happiness. Everything she is not.
So days go by in a blurry unfulfilled day. Day dreaming of non-existing in this universe.
The state of apathy winces at my time clock heart.
Another friend is inhaling all the air she possibly can.
In fear it could be her last.
Over living a life she wants to be forever part of. The unknown is unfathomable. So she does everything she can to prevent the decay of her body. Knowing some day she will have to face the reaper.
Until then she pushes it out of her mind.
Well Why Not?
And then the other friend smolders in crystal smoke.
Looking for any reason to get euphoria.
That friend realized you could feel alive and dead at the same time.
It is easier to face mortality in clouds of smoke by your own demise, than to let someone else control a life you have little to say in.
My addiction is negativity.
It pumps through my arm like an IV pumps though a 2 year coma survivor, receiving their nutrition.
It’s not the negativity that I would say is what defines who I am.
What I would call it is…
It is the lost of hope that I have.
Not having hope is what saves me.
Expectations is something I fear.
It is like this to be Frank my Readers..
Picture this…
A Sophia moment from the Golden Girls appears across this thing you are reading.
Being in a sunny field with hay growing all around. Letting the vitamin D radiate in your skin, feeling the pores inside you. the pores are filled with a pure loving warmth.
Then all of a sudden.
With a blink of an eye.
You are in a grave.
Seeing your loved ones pouring dirt on top of you.
You try to scream but nothing comes out.
You try to move but everything is numb.
Your breath stifles with each clump of dirt that is flinging on top of you.
And that is when you realize it is the End of Days for You.